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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 10, 2013 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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i am bill o'reilly, please remember that the someone stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you. welcome to hannity tonight. we have developments in all the day's highlights. defense attorney mark o'mara revealed today that the defense has a few more witnesses to call. he hopes to rest his case tomorrow. if that happens, this trial could come to an end before the week is over. the major revelation from today is the testimony of forensic pathologist dr. vincent de mayo. take a look at what he had to say. >> by the nature of this case, it's more about determining whether the physical evidence is consistent with mr. zimmerman's account. it's my opinion that the muzzle of the gun in this case was two
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to four inches away from the skin. so the barrel of the gun was against the clothing. the muzzle of the gun was against the clothing. the clothing itself had to be two to four inches away from the body. at the time mr. martin was shot. the most important point is the nature of the defect in the clothing and the power. if you lean over somebody, you would notice that the clothing tends to fall away from the chest. if instead you're lying on your back and somebody shoots you. the clothing is going to be against your chest. so that's a fact that if we know the clothing was 2 to 4 inches away, it's consistent with
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somebody leaning over the person doing the shooting. so the wound itself by the gap, by the powder tattoo iing in th face of the contact of the clothing, indicates this is consistent with mr. zimmerman's account. that mr. martin was over him, leaning forward at the time he was shot. >> here with reaction tonight, fox 35 orlando reporter, valerie boyle. you were in the courtroom today. this guy has incredible credentials, and he said consistent with george zimmerman's story. >> and you know when he said that, one of the jurors, b-29
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who is the only minority on the jury,s she started to nod her head. it's the second time i saw her nod her head. usually she's more reactive to trayvon martin's family, especially when those 911 calls were played. >> mark fuhrman, your reaction to today's testimony and yesterday's testimony from trayvon's father who said, originally he didn't think it was trayvon's voice. >> well, i think yesterday's testimony with tracy martin put the notion away that it was a slam dunk it was trayvon martin's voice by his family's account. seven other witnesses for the defense say it's george zimmerman, and they articulate in different ways. i think that issue was put to bed. today, dr. de mayo is the state of the art last word in forensic pathology when it comes to homicide. if you don't have two of his four books on your desk, you don't know what you're doing.
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you refer to them all the time, he's a consummate professional when he testifies, he's simple and to the point and what he said today is spot on exactly the way the position he would have to be to create the wound as it appears. >> you know, it's interesting, when he talked about that zimmerman would be stunned many he spoke in terms that the jury would understand. >> he was very easy to understand. he was just a professional on that stand. i think he's probably -- after his testimony today, i said to myself, it's all over but the crime. he was so credible. and he made absolute sense. his whole point was look, george zimmerman was on the bottom, trayvon martin was on the top. we know that because his clothing was hanging down. to me, it's almost indisputable. the jury can do whatever they want with that evidence, he was believable and very credible. >> i go back to the one eyewitness in the case, ground and pound mma style straddling,
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fists going down. it seems at that point the legal definition, if he reasonably believed it was necessary to prevent imminent bodily hard, at that point it was put in doubt, was it not? >> correct. in fact john good, i believe he was that neighbor. he was interviewed by dr. de mayo for this project, he said that he saw trayvon martin on top of george zimmerman, what i thought was very interesting is that the state tried to turn it around. how much do you get paid to testify today. he replied, not a lot, $2,400. >> you think that stuck with the jury or -- they went through a long list of his credentials as mark fuhrman pointed out. did the jury seem impressed? >> no, they didn't seem very impressed. of course, i can't read their minds, but it didn't seem like a lot of money to me. >> let's go through the legal aspect of this, you're either going to believe it's self-defense or you don't
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believe that if george zimmerman had a reasonable belief that he was at risk of imminent death or grade bodily harm. do you think the prosecution has met that standard? >> no, i don't think they've met any standard except for there was a death, and george zimmerman shot the victim in this case. that's the only thing they've established. is it just me or does it look like the defense is putting on a case and the prosecution is acting like a defense attorney where they have a client they know is guilty, and they're just trying to poke holes in their case. i'm waiting for the prosecution to present a case. it seems like every time they say something, they walk into the defense office and give them something else. >> let me ask you, the issue of the reversal of the judge as it relates to the testimony, the toxicology report, trayvon's use
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of marijuana, how important will that be to the jury. >> every other legal eagle has said, marijuana doesn't make people violent. most people smoke marijuana, eat cheetos and sit on the couch in their underwear. did it make trayvon paranoid enough to take a poke at george zimmerman. not that he was aggressive, just that he was not in his right state of mind. >> the broward county sheriff's office is prepare iing a zimmer verdict riot plan. that was laid out today. that is in your hometown. is this being discussed a lot in the area? >> we have been discussing this for months now. and we actually had peacemakers, someone from the department of justice here since this all started, getting the pastors together, getting people in the
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community together and trying to improve race relations, so that we will not have riots. and the mayor here says that it should be peaceful. of course, that's what we all hope. >> mark fuhrman, how on guard must they be. >> well, i suppose that they're going to prepare as they would for anything that's gone sideways like this, i think it's pathetic that a court of law cannot be in a vacuum of the legal system without the influence of the public threatening to do great bodily harm to people and property. it's really a prophetic statement nor our country. >> i'm going to ask you all to get on the record and with predictions? >> it's going to be an acquittal. there's not going to be a lesser of manslaughter conviction, and if the defense rests tomorrow, probably see that by friday. >> at least by -- i don't think the jury will go past the weekend. valerie? >> i'm going to say, i want to keep my job here at fox 35 so
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i'm going to maintain balance. >> i'll put in a good word if you give me the answer. i don't know if it will help or hurt. mark fuhrman? >> it's going to be -- it should be an acquittal by the evidence. if anything goes sideways, you'll have one juror that hangs it. >> i agree. that's a possibility. i think it was over the second that john good, the one eyewitness testified that trayvon was on top. >> agreed. >> mma, ground and pound, straddling and fists going down. good to see you all. thank you. also coming up tonight next on hannity. >> the president's actions on obama care last week were stunning. i never thought i'd see the day when the white house, the president came down on the side of big business but left the american people out in the cold. >> house majority leader eric cantor joins me live after the break. he will react to the president's brazen decision to ignore a key
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today we sent letters to the president asking him to justify a delay in the employer mandate, while leaving in place the mandate on individuals and families. because if businesses can get relief from obama care, the rest of america ought to be able to get relief as well. >> that was john boehner from earlier today, he along with the gop leadership are demanding answers from the white house after the administration announced they would delay a key part of obama care, which is the employer mandate until 2015. my question is, what makes the president believe he has the power to decide which laws to enforce and which ones he wants to let slide. a constitutional law professor summed this up best in an article he wrote for the wall street journal. the president decides not to enforce laws that he doesn't like. that is an abuse of power. he goes on to explain how article two, section three of the constitution states that the
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president shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed. this is a duty, not a discretionary power. the president has discretion about how to enforce the law, he has no discretion about whether to do so. why is this important to you? first, the administration is clearly overextending his reach by delaying the employee mandate. does the president think he's above the law? second, the decision was politically timed, now, i don't think it's a coincidence that the mandate will not kick in until after the midterm elections. and third, what does it say about obama care as a whole? can this delay push lawmakers to repeal it? joining me now eric cantor, sir, welcome back. >> sean, good to be on. >> does the president have the authority to just say, i'm not going to enforce the law? >> well, the president's decision last week right before the fourth of july was extraordinary on many counts, and i think the first as you
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say, sean, it's extraordinary because it's a continuation in what we have begun to call the imperial presidency. it is selective enforcement of the law. and there is a real question as to where the authority comes, from how is it that he brings himself to decide to enforce one provision and not the other. as you rightfully suggested, this is a real concern of trust on the part of this president. how can the american people trust the white house to enforce the laws congress passes when they see things like this going on. secondly, you asked a question, what does this mean for obama care itself, we've been saying as you have, slaen. i want to thank you for your leadership on this, that obama care not only is it not ready for prime time now, it's never going to be ready for prime time. we shouldn't be just delaying it now. we need a permanent delay. and so what does this mean, i believe strongly now, sean.
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the white house has had to admit that the employer mandate doesn't work, nor does the other parts of the law. but the other extraordinary piece of this, sean, is that here we have the white house and this president coming down on the side of big business. but what about the rest of us? what about the rest of the american people? left out in the cold, left to be hanging with these mandates, to apply to individuals. again, not a fair and just outcome. i hope that we can take it to this white house and act on this in congress to say everyone should be treated the same. it is time to remove the mandate for everyone, not just the employers. >> by the way, this is a little bipartisan. i don't think you often agree with senator tom harkin, he said the following, this is the law, how can they change the law? you're not the only one. do you think, and maybe i'm a little cynical in my old age,
12:18 am
congressman, do you think this was politically timed? >> it's interesting. you indicate that yes the employer mandate delay will push off the implementation of that mandate until after next year's election, but again, you never know given the selective enforcement that now it seems to be a pattern with this, with the irs, with other things. but if the same formula's in place, october 1 next year will be the signup date for the exchanges again, at which time all of this will then be elevated. 30 days before the election. so it may be that the administration didn't quite accomplish what it may have hoped to accomplish politically, by saying delaying that employer mandate for a year. >> there have been many votes have you had to, i guess, overturn obama care. it didn't go anywhere. would you use the option of defunding obama care, because that is in your authority?
12:19 am
>> right, and we have continued, when we -- to do just that, we've continued to say under the sequester that we're operating under, the president said he wants to do something about it, but never has come forward with any kind of other suggested reforms in the entitlement areas. but when they ask for more money for obama care's implementation, we said no. we said no, we don't feel that this law is the right direction to go in. nor do we feel this administration should have the ability to take taxpayer dollars to go and sell and market this bill. i think one of the options going-forward, sean is to take a look at what this white house has done. you know what, if it's fair for big business to be exempted from this mandate, we ought to say the same for individuals. we ought to go ahead and delay the individual mandate and as you know, that individual mandate is the crux of obama
12:20 am
care, without the individual mandate, the whole law collapses. and again, i believe that the decision that was made by this administration last week is a game changer because it will and has now demonstrated cracks in the coalition behind this law. and i think you're going to see bipartisan support to go in and try to come down on the side of the people, not just business on this mandate issue. >> we're going to watch very closely, i agree with you and your interpretation of the law. the president doesn't have the option, just changes it because he decides to. the biggest issue on conservatives minds as you know, congressman, is what the house will do on immigration. the washington post had an article suggesting that if the house passes a border security bill and it guys to conference. that the plan would be to get democrats and maybe about 20 republicans to pass a senate like version. would you insist that the haster
12:21 am
rule apply to any bill that comes out of conference? >> yes, i absolutely would. i think the speaker of the house has said the same that he would as well. that is not going to happen. as we proceed into the discussions about the immigration issues, there's one thing all of us agree on, i think for the most part, and that is, we don't support the senate bill. you know, i think it's interesting, sean, if you ask the senators who voted on that bill, how many of them have read the bill, how many of them really know what it doeses. i think one of the most defensive parts of the bill is the border security piece, in the house, we d't want to say throw money at it, and at some point you'll get it done, i think the much more deliberate approach is called for, that we have to go about trying to address a real distrust on the mart of the american people. go back to the discussion we just had on obama care, if the president can selectively
12:22 am
enforce the provision, what's to say he can't selectively enforce or not enforce the provision on border security and the immigration package. we need to make sure there's definite matrixes of accountability. how we can ensure that the border is secure, and the law is being enforced. at the end of the day, when you look at it, how many other countries really are there where people are knocking down the doors to get in? we are for a reason, and that's because we're a country of laws, and it ought to be applied evenly and fairly to all. >> kwong man, appreciate you being with us. and with that said, right here on hannity, have house republicans finally drawn a line in the sand as it relates to immigration reform. when we come back, frank lutz will join us. time to unveil your choice, number two for video of the day. the three women who were held captive for more than a decade in that cleveland house of horrors have now broken their silence. if you want to hear from them at
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welcome back to "hannity." as the immigration debate rolls
12:27 am
on in washington, some republican leaders are reiterating the senate bill is a nonstarter in their chamber, house republicans are set to hold a private meeting tomorrow to discuss their plans on immigration reform focusing heavily if at all on border security. earlier this morning, john boehner addressed the issue at a press conference, let's take a look. >> we all believe that if we're going to go forward on immigration reform. the first big step, you have to have a serious border security. because serious border security, what you're going to end up with is the same thing we saw after the 1986 act. we're going do -- we believe that a common sense step by step approach is the right way. we've talked about it for months. we're going to talk to our members about it tomorrow. >> here with reaction frank luntz. people don't trust government.
12:28 am
we talk about spending cuts and tax increases, we only get the tax increases. >> something has to be done. we just finished a poll of republican congressional districts and significantly, there's a high percentage of americans who want immigration reform as long as possible. >> i think we have a mic problem with, you let's go to juan. >> we said we would secure the borders in 1986, 2006. guess what, borders still aren't secure. would you be against doing it first? >> i think we've done it. i don't think there's any question. a lot of what you're talking about here is president bush, you're talking about paul ryan, the wall street journal editorial page. you're talking about good conservatives who say the party is naval gazing and the house republicans are -- >> you didn't address my
12:29 am
problem. instead of dealing with immigration reform, would you have a problem securing the border first? >> i did answer, i tell you, it's already done. what we're talking about now is going from 86 to 96% secure. basically, what you're talking about is a bunch of politicians in the house who are naval gazing and you're giving them all the leeway in the world. you're not dealing with the fact that the status quo on immigration is broken. >> they didn't build 700 miles of fence, they didn't hire the border agents we were promised. that law was not inch plemted fully, which is why there's disrupt. >> they want the situation solved. >> 60% of republicans believe in the dream act believe kids who were brought here through no fault of their own should get citizenship. it's a step by step approach. first secure the border, second
12:30 am
guarantee enforcement make sure this helps the american economy. if you do these things, sean, then the answer is yes, and what i'm afraid of, is that conservatives are saying if we don't get everything we want, if we don't get all the details, we'll say no. >> what percentage of people want that? >> overwhelmingly, 80%. >> no citizenship, but you get to stay here legally? >> it's about 75%. but a majority would still support citizenship. >> would you support no citizenship as a penalty, but securing the border first? >> say that again? >> would you support securing the border first and then people get legal status, no citizenship? >> no, i think you -- i think everybody including the numbers we just heard from france. people want those who are already here to gain a little
12:31 am
status. >> that's not what frank -- you said people overwhelmingly would support, they can stay, but no citizenship? >> it's over 75% would support that. >> a littegal status. they are here legally, and would eventually, i think most people would suggest, they have some pathway, to eventually get citizenship. what we see in the senate bill is a process that takes 13 years. >> we're a country that sent people to the moon. you're saying if america wanted to totally secure the border and build the fence and put the technology and hire the agents that we couldn't do that in 12 months or 18 months? you don't believe that? >> i believe we could do it, it's been done. i've been telling you, i think we are right now, we have zero sum immigration, we're talking about a fence. we have a bigger fence, we have drones, electronic sensors, more guards on the border. as i said, zero immigration,
12:32 am
mostly illegals who are coming, come and overstay their visas. that's a bigger issue. we need to have e verify. that's in the senate bill. >> the administration has no credibility with anyone. they offered strategies they never fulfilled. that's why people are nervous about it. >> juan is probably the only person in the country who believes the border is secure. even democrats are supporting doubling the agents and building the fence. >> they will pander to you, and play to all your fears instead of telling you, this is a waste of money. if you're a good conservative, you would never waste money to get so little for the return, it's not going to do that much more than what we've got. >> in the end it is about taxpayer dollars. they want the issue solved, sean. if republicans decide to kill everything, mark my words we'll come back to this a year from
12:33 am
now. if they kill everything, they'll be killing themselves. >> what if they just secure the border first? >> that's a step by step approach. >> that would work for you? >> yes. that's the process the american people want. >> i want the border secure for national security reasons. more than any other -- >> here you go, here you go mr. paranoia. frank luntz tells you the truth and you don't want to hear it. >> this is rare, you and i completely agree. >> secure the border first. >> you completely agree. >> chuck slumer agrees with me the border is not secure. juan, you're in the mother wheel that louis farrakhan visited. >> well, maybe he's an illegal immigrant too, i don't know. >> we have to roll, thank you. coming up next, the crisis in egypt is escalating, dozens killed, wounded on the streets in cairo.
12:34 am
you won't believe who is pumping money into the region. when we come back, colonel oliver north is with us. don't forget we want to hear from you, follow the live show, you get to vote for the video of the day. you could also vote on twitt twitter @seanhannity. this is option number three, if you wan to the see what happens when a 73-year-old hang glider's when a 73-year-old hang glider's trip goes wrong. if you've got it, you know how hard it can be to breathe and man, you know how that feels. copd includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that helps open my obstructed airways for a full 24 hours. you know, spiriva helps me breathe easier. spiriva handihaler tiotropium bromide inhalation powder does not replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems,
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welcome back to hannity, tensions remain high on the streets of cairo, the muslim brotherhood is calling for more protests after people were killed yesterday. a timetable for when elections will be held. it was swiftly rejected from the muslim brotherhood. saudi arabia announced it was handing over $5 billion to the new government. also, the united arab emirates is doing the same. that's not all, even the obama administration is refusing to cut off funding to the country nor will they call the military's overthrow of the president a coup. remember, doing so would require the money to stop. unrest could lead to a new hotbed of radicalism.
12:39 am
joining me now, colonel oliver north. good to see you, sir. >> good to be with you. one of the things i find to be exciting about all of this, is the way the press is portraying this as an anti-american rebellion inside egypt. it's not anti-american. the muslim brotherhood has always been anti-american, anti-western. the muslim brotherhood essentially co opted or seized control of what had been a secular and economic rebellion against mubarak, they had the best control of the political process in the country. the fact that you have the united arab emirates and saudi arabia and now others lining up to support this ought to be a message to the obama administration that the rest of that part of the world regards the muslim brotherhood to be a secular thing. they don't end up with a radical
12:40 am
government that is anti-western. hopefully that's the outcome. >> how did the united states of america get in a position where they helped bring a radical islamist, 9/11 truther, arm this guy, and then protect this guy, how did we get there? >> well, because there was a naivety in the administration going all the way back to the june 2009 speech in cairo that said, if all you need is an election and you have an arab spring, we know better. the reality is, a single election does not a democracy make. and clearly this administration has never understood that. >> what do you make of this lack of ability to define a coup as a coup. >> this administration has not had a particular sterling record
12:41 am
in being able to define who our enemies are. what victory is, or even to embrace a friend like israel. i'm not surprised they have this in their hands where they have on the one hand calling it a coup, and the other, delivering the foreign aid they need. >> you're back in afghanistan, and you've been there many, many times. >> you're there for a good reason. a lot has happened since you've been on the ground. maybe it's not front page news, but we ought to be paying attention. >> we have 60,000 young american boys and girls out here, they volunteered to serve our country. you now have since june 18th, the afghan security forces fully in charge of the security of the country. and the united states in advisory training and assistance role. take a look at what we saw going on today, the electric dam, here's some of what we saw. this is the hydroelectric dam,
12:42 am
one of the biggest of its kind it's today protected by an afghan army battalion and police. they've been advised and assisted and trained by a marine interview battalion. the marines will be leaving here soon. the question is, can the afghans protect this vital facility from the taliban once the marines are gone? can these guys fight? >> absolutely. >> have you seen them? >> yes, sir. >> is it the same kind of thing we would do in the marines or you do in the air force? >> sometimes the tactics are different. the planning is different. the way that they discuss when and where they're going to do things, but when it has to happen, they make it happen. they're fast, brave and they get things done. >> the weapons become the operations chief. give me a sense of their capabilities. >> i think they're doing a pretty good job.
12:43 am
i was here two years ago, since then the afghans have taken the lead in the fight against the insurgency and have stepped up and started doing what they need to do to secure the country. >> very soon this aircraft and the marines will be gone. but what you see today is one more example of how the afghans are taking charge of their own destiny. >> you know, sean, standing next to me, a lieutenant who was with us out to the dam. he's been here since? >> january of this year. >> you've seen a lot. it's not your first rodeo in this part of the world. tell the american people about what they ought to know about where the afghans are taking their country. >> what happened today was, we saw the road for success. you saw the united states marines, particularly interacting with the afghan local security forces, and what they're really doing is setting the conditions for the coalition forces to effectively work
12:44 am
ourselves out of a job. >> define success for america in this fight? >> success for us is a stable government that provides security for its local populous. the security force has to be able to train, executxecute, pl fight, win and reset. >> i'm standing next to a marine who is five inches taller than i am, ayman sadding on a platform, this is typical, i'm the dwarf now among these guys. >> i'd like to say hi to my two mini-marines, gavin and brody. stay safe. >> america ought to be proud that we have marines and soldiers and sailors and airmen who stand up to this and understand what it takes to win. they're going to do it, sean. >> safe home, appreciate it. >> appreciate you, brother. coming up next tonight on hannity. >> the next comeback kid eliot spitzer hopes so. the former new york state governor is launching a return
12:45 am
to politics, announcing his candy daisy for new york city's next comptroller. and we examine the many so-called unbiassed journalists that are in the tank for democrats like eliot spitzer, anthony weiner. and later, we'll with our "name your price" tool, people pick a price and we help them find a policy that works for them. huh? also... we've been working on something very special. [ minions gasp, chuckle ]
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welcome back to hannity, time for media mash. our weekly roundup of the ways the mainstream media puts material together. a brand new book out, collusion, how the media stole the 2012 election, and how to stop them from doing it again in 2016. good to see you, a person starting a book tour with no voice. >> yeah, i don't even have a cold. >> stage fright. >> i just shook your hand. now a a germophobe. before we get to the book, which is fantastic. not only did cnn raise the question, if black manhood is on trial in the zimmerman case, they also wondered if zimmerman was enjoying the attack of trayvon martin. you can't make this up. cnn watch. >> earlier we heard from leann benjamin, she was another friend of george zimmerman.
12:50 am
one of the things she said is that she knew him because they were involved in these political campaigns. she heard george zimmerman whooping it up, screams of joy, orallies if you will, and she was asked about the 911 tape, she said, yes, that's george zimmerman's voice, a cry for help, if you will. is there anyway they could turn that and say, you know what, george zimmerman, if he sounds that way on both the tape as well as what she recalls, that this was not somebody who was screaming for help, and crying out, but that he was actually, you know, enjoying it, that he was pummelling trayvon martin, that there was a sense of joy in that moment. is there anyway that the jurors could confuse that, her testimony? >> enjoy being -- having your nose broken and lacerations on the back of your head? >> it's got to be one of the dumbest questions i've ever heard. the answer was great, he was saying help. who enjoys it by saying help?
12:51 am
that really was a -- i happened to be watching cnn when that was on. don't ask me why. i think i watch cnn so i can watch something like that. >> you just turn on any three minutes, you get something crazy. okay, nbc, did you notice between weiner and spitzer, they're loving it. msnbc is going really in spitzer's corner. it's almost like a thrill is going up their black socks. >> eliot spitzer joins me now. does running now mean that resigning was unwarranted? would a spitzer victory mark the end of the sex scandal as we know it? and i'm asking really, have we become too intrusive into our elected officials and candidates private lives? >> i'm not sure i'm the right person to ask, i have a perspective that is tailored to what i have been through. >> if you're a competent guy, and i think eliot spitzer's a competent guy, what business really is it of ours? >> i like hearing that, but
12:52 am
again i think i'm not the one in the right position to embrace it and say, i'm right and you're wrong. >> the name of that show is called hardball. >> enough said. >> i am proud that i got to blurb your book, the blurb i gave you was something i said in 2008. journalism is dead, censorship and character assassination are very much alive. this book proves it with evidence. >> it does. we've been talking about this for the last couple years, when you step back and put it all together and look at it again, as my colleague tim graham did, and you review it, only then do you see how shocking it is. what we saw last year was two fold. one was a nonstop campaign of character assassination. not critique, character assassination against anybody who would challenge barack obama. and on the flip side an overwhelming attempt by the
12:53 am
national media to suppress news, to sens censor news. the average joe out there doesn't know exists, because the media refuses to report them. we show you over and over and over again real scandals, that never saw the light of day. >> you say stole the election. >> those are tough words, i don't believe in hyperbole. i believe mitt romney lost for a good number of different reasons. i'm absolutely convinced, if the media had done their job fairly and honestly, there's no way barack obama would have been re-elected. i absolutely believe that. >> that goes to the second debate. that goes to romney being rich, republicans want dirty air and water. >> it continues do this day. obama didn't stop his campaign, he continued it the day after the election. the media are there. look, what happened to the irs scandal, what happened to benghazi, nsa.
12:54 am
they all disappeared, yet the scandals continue. >> do you think that lies about conservatives have stuck in. >> i think on one hand they do short term, but i any after a while, people are on to the media. look, the approval rating of the national press corps is 7% right now, that's worse than congress. so i think the politics of the bias by commission isn't that effective, it's the bias by omission, where they're not reporting news, that's the danger. >> all right. i highly recommend this book, it's on my website when we come back, your pick for the video of the day. [ mortazavi ] i'm definitely a perfectionist. details are really important during four course. i want to make sure that everything is perfect. that's why i do what i . [ male announcer ] it's red lobster's just $14.99. start your feast with a choice of soup, then salad, plus biscuits! next, choose one of nine amazing entrees like new coconut and citrus grilled sim or linguini with shrimp and scallops.
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welcome back to hannity, time to reveal what you have chosen as tonight's video of the day. you have selected a heartfelt message from the three courageous women who were held captive in that cleveland house of horrors for over a decade. they spoke out for the first
12:59 am
time since their rescue. let's take a look. >> i want everyone to know how happy i am, to be home with my family, my friends, it's been unbelievable. i want to thank everyonho has helped me and my family through this entire ordeal. everyone who has been here to support us, it's been a blessing to have such an outpouring of love and kindness. i'm getting stronger each day, and having my privacy has helped immensely. >> i would say thank you for your support. >> thank you everyone for your love, support and donations. which helped me build a brand new life. i just want everyone to know i'm doing just fine. thank you for all your prayers. i'm looking forward to my brand new life. >> of course, we wish them all the best. that is all the time we have left this evening. as always, thanks for being with us. greta van susteren is standing by to go on the record. we'll see you tomorrow night about
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